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Wow That was a night to remember, with a few 'firsts' for me.

Didn't even bother to try and count the number of cars and girls as there were so many of both. There were the Spearmint Rhino girls, the Shock models and of course the Candy Run girls. And then the cars started to arrive...

Along with the normal complement of F430's, 360's, Gallardo's, Porsches and BMW's there were also a handful of Nissans and about a dozen Corvettes not forgetting an old school Aston Martin and Magnum PI Ferrari (complete with fake moustache!) There was an Aerial Atom that was completely dwarfed by the Dodge trucks, a Delorean that lived up to its reputation and two very noisy cars - a Mosler and a EMB Tazio Coupe which fooled a lot of people into thinking it was a Bugatti. Also a brand new CL63 AMG with only 100 miles on the clock.

With the cars ready to head off I still had to sort out my ride. A lot of cars arrived with a passenger, so no chance of a lift there. Almost got a ride in the Atom but one of the girls had that pleasure. The pecking order also meant that if there was a spare seat in a Ferrari then it went to one of the girls first. Never mind, could always do the first part with my mate in his Focus RS. Walking along the line of cars waiting to go out spotted a Corvette Z06 with an empty passenger seat. A quick word with the friendly driver, Matt, and my ride through the tunnels was sorted. And what a ride it was - check out the videos.

Matt was only going as far as the bridge but was kind enough to sort out another ride for me. Sure enough Sam comes up to me and not only will he let me ride in his special 50th Anniversary edition 'vette he will also take the roof off so I can take some better pics. Great, I thought. Then he says I can stand on the seat and take some pictures as we pull away! What a star, how could I say no to that!

Made it to the club ok to be ushered inside to a crowded room where there were probably as many dancers as there were drivers. Called it a night somewhere around 12:30 so wandered outside and got distracted by one of the trucks smoking it's wheels.

Had less than 4 hours sleep so went to work the next day completely knackered but with a huge grin. A huge thank you to Matt and Sam for letting a complete stranger ride in their Corvettes.

And the firsts? First time using the camera in anger as had only had it for a few weeks. First time taking pictures from a moving vehicle. First time on a tunnel run. First time in a corvette (so good, I did it twice). First time in a supercar on the road. First time in a Spearmint Rhino.

In order to save time I have uploaded my 200+ pictures from the night elsewhere. I will attempt to get a front-end added to them from within here sometime soon but in the meantime click on the vettes below.

Links to the videos I took:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

My rides for the night

Ford Focus RS
2.0L turbo
244 BHP
0-62 6.2 secs
max speed 143 MPH
Corvette Z06
7.0L V8
512 BHP
0-62 3.9 secs
max speed 199 MPH
50th Anniversary Corvette
5.7L V8
350 BHP
0-62 4.9 secs
max speed 175 MPH

All images copyright DSW 2007. Additional images from Mark and Zasgar. Thanks guys