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Grimaldi Engineering is a specialist company based in Essex, just round the corner from Eurospares. They held a joint open day at the end of August and as they specialise in Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maseratti I just had to visit them.
A little meet was organised just off the M25 so that the cars could head down in convoy. This consisted of 3 Lamborghini Diablos, a Gallardo Spyder and a Superleggera, a Murcilargo, a Urraco, a Ferrari 360 Spider, 2 other Ferraris and a couple of Porsches.
Luckily for me there was a spare seat going in the purple Diablo which allowed me to get some cracking shots of the convoy on the move and there were even more cars at Grimaldi when we arrived with others turning up throughout the day, some of whom tried out the rolling road. There was the opportunity to visit the massive warehouses, see donor cars being dismantled and have something to eat from the barbeque. I also had a lift back to my car in the Urraco so I got to experience 2 different Lamborghinis in a single day :)

A big thanks to Lorraine and Leslie for asking me along and also to Nik and Barry for letting me tag along for a ride. Same time next year anyone?

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